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Selection Procedures  

On receipt of the confirmed demand from the valued clients, we collect applications through newspapers, specialised agencies and our own rosters. Applications thus collected are scrutinised and short listed by a Committee as per requirements of the employer. The short-listed applications are then sent to the employer if desired or are kept in our office for interview and final selection by the ,employer's representatives.

The employer or his representatives may like to conduct interview and final selection of candidates for which we would be obliged to provide all necessary assistance and logistics. Further we are obliged to take all responsibilities ranging from selection of candidates up to their despatch at the airport and thereafter to the entire satisfaction of our valued clients abroad.

The finally selected candidates are medically tested by the appointed/authorised Medical Clinics. Normally the candidates are examined at the Medical Clinics appointed by the Local Embassy of the employer's country. After receipt of eill necessary documents from the valued clients we are able to despatch the recruits to destinations anywhere in the world within three weeks subject to availability of seats in the air lines.

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