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Job List  

In addition, we have workers in skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled categories in the fields of agriculture, horticulture, forestry, fisheries livestock and rerated activities.

Research "Yorkers in Natural Science, Physical Science and Social Science:
Research, Bangladesh Building Research Council, Bangladesh Rice Research Institute, Bangladesh Sugarcane Research Institute, Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies and Bangladesh productivity Centre have been established in the country in addition to the Research Organisations located in the Universities of the country. Limited number of such personnel may be available for foreign employment.

University/College Teachers:
Persons with post-graduate degree in Humanities and Social Sciences numbering clos~ to 3,000 pe'rsons annually qualify in the post graduate examinations of different Universities of the country. Similarly, in the Science subjects the annual output is about 1,200. We have such personnel with post-graduate degree and experience of teaching at degree or post-graduate level.

Secondary and Primary School Teachers:
University graduates with a professional degree in teaching and with experience of teaching at Secondary Schools are also available in the country in large number.

Newspapermen including technicians:
Several daily newspapers, periodicals, literary and professionals of international standards are published in the country in English and local language. Editors, reporters, translators, other editorial personnel, press photographers and printing press personnel are engaged in these establishments. A large number of printing presses are also in operation in the country employing technically and professionally qualified personnel. Such personnel are trained on the job in the Institute of Graphic Arts. Our Universities also offer degree level courses in Journalism.

This country has personnel needed by newspaper industry, public relations and advertising firms, publishers and printers of all categories.

Lawyers, Judges and related personnel:
Persons with-University degree and experience in different branches of law like criminal law, civil law, commercial law, labour laws, maritime law, mercantile law, international law, etc. are also available in the country.

Administrative personnel for running public administration:
Bangladeshis with university and higher level of education specialised training and long experience in public administration are available. Such personnel are employed in the national and local level offices of the Police, revenue, defence and other departments of the G'overnment. As a well­organised system of training university graduates exists in the country for filling up these posts, such personnel can be spared for foreign employment.

Hotel and catering personnel:
The hotel and catering personnel are trained by various organisations in Bangladesh of which the most prominent are Bangladesh Tourist Organisation and the Five Star Hotels. The personnel available in these categories include hotel managers, .administrative personnel, receptionists, telephone operators, stewards, waiters, bartenders, chefs, cooks, cook helpers, liftmen, bell boys, swimming pool attendants, life guards, room boys, porters, floor attendants etc.


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