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Job List  

An indicative picture of the types of manpower available in Bangladesh for foreign employment is given below-:

Medical Manpower:
Bangladesh has facilities for imparting graduate and post-graduate medical education and training. Facilities exist in the country for turning out more than 1200 medical graduates and dental surgeons every year. Similarly facilities exist to train Blood Bank Technicians, Radiotherapy Technicians, Radiographers, Compounders, Dressers, Dental Technicians, Health Assistants, Sanitary Inspectors, Nurses, Midwives, Lady Health Visitors and related personnel.

Engineering Power:
Engineers experienced in construction, repair and maintenance of building, roads and highways, power station, irrigation system, railways, waterways and ports, telephone system, industrial installations, shipyards and dockyards, radio and television net work, public health facilities and
other essential services are available.                                                             

Engineering Institutions in Bangladesh have facilities for producing about 750 graduate engineers annually. In addition, the Polytechnics in the country produce about 2,500 diploma engineers annually ..

Skilled Manpower:
Tradesmen skilled in basic engineering and building trades like electricians, petrol/diesel mechanics and other mechanics, welders, fitters, machinists, moulders, turners, plumbers, carpenters, masons, cabinet makers, draughtmen, die-casters, tool-makers, leather machinists, senior instrument technicians, fabricators, etc. are employed in different establishments and industries to look after installation, maintenance and repairing works including maintenance and repair of machinery, tools and equipments. The skill level of these personnel is sufficiently high. There are technical Training Centres, Vocational Training Institutes and Polytechnics, which offer training in these trades. In addition, such manpower is also trained through apprenticeship training programme.

Industrial Manpower:
Though Bangladesh is an agricultural country organised industries employ about 2.00 million workers in different categories. The relatively large industrial establishments include fertilizers, chemical industries, rubber, match, cement, bricks, tiles, ceramic, oil refinery, gas transmission/distribution, lime-stone mining, shipyard, dockyard and dry dock, refrigerator, television, radio, truck and car assembly plants, steel mills, machine tools, diesel plant, cable and electrical equipments manufacturing, steel, re-rolling mills, engineering workshops, sugar mills, food and beverage, bread and biscuits, pharmaceutical, tanneries, fish processing, fruit processing, cold storage, etc. besides about 48 textile mills and 77 jute mills.

Professional, managerial, administrative, technical, skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled workers with several years of experience in the respective industrial fields are abundantly available for foreign employment.

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